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Laura Bordeaux, ASID, is regularly featured in many publications and is sought after by editors for her knowledge in the field of interior design.  Her experience leads medical and dental practitioners in designing an interior that grows their practice.
Design Your Dental / Medical Office Without Costly Mistakes
By Laura Bordeaux, ASID FX Dental & Medical Interiors Design Specialist
September 2017

Are you building a new dental office or upgrading an existing one? Here’s the comprehensive, cost-effective way to do it, using successful strategies design professionals have developed over years of dental-medical experience.  Read more
Creating a peaceful, comfortable ortho practice, and reducing patient anxiety
By Laura Bordeaux, ASID FX Dental & Medical Interiors Design Specialist
September 2014

Are you seeking a design team that will create an inviting, new, and highly productive operation, while bringing the outdoors inside your thriving orthodontic practice? Dr. Adam Daniels, DDS, MS, owner of Connecticut Valley Orthodontics, wanted a fresh, new office that represented his personality.  Read more Dentistry iQ
Ample Treatment,
These small medical practices illustrate exact design
for specific services—each in a unique environment.

By Kerry O’Leary,
The Magazine of the American Society of Interior Designers
Sep/Oct 2008
  Interiors & Sources
Design Flash: Covenant to Care

By Laura Bordeaux
September 2005

The ASID Connecticut Chapter’s community service project enabled a local charity to better meet the needs of neglected children.
Creating a cost effective Medical or Dental Practice 
Dental Economics

Dental & Medical practitioners can provide their
patients with a cost effective healing environment, by hiring an ASID Interior Designer.  This was the case when Laura Bordeaux, ASID, an Interior Designer for FX Design Inc. in Glastonbury, CT.